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Spring haiku

Breakup. Crocus rise thru snow Geese arrive all wing weary Five gallons of poo

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One year checkup

2′ 3.5″, 20 lbs, bright eyed and bushy tailed. No ear infections her first year. Yeah!

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I made quark – a simple soft cheese. Milk, culture, rennet and time. Took about 20 minutes of hands on and 30 hours hanging around time. It’s creamy and a little tangy. Not bad for commercial milk.

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Big honkin’ space tube

Power to the house was fine at lunch today. When we got home after EKAs well-baby exam at 8 PM it was wonky. No dining or kitchen lights. No bathroom lights or laundry room or garage. But hall light and … Continue reading

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Bing back update

Had a good discussion with Dr MacDonald and Cara, Bings ‘back team’ at Vet Specialists of Alaska It is looking very very promising for Bing to resume herding in about another four weeks. This is terrific news. Here are my … Continue reading

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What a difference a year makes

04/09/2012: 04/09/2013: Massacre of the drumstick

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Beautiful day

The inlet. Ice, mud, tide, mountains. Sun.

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Crazy Damn Weather

Really? It’s APRIL for gawd sake On the other hand the crocus are blooming. Despite the deep snow just a few feet away.

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Pirates of Penzance

Growing up there was lots of music. Mom plays the violin so there was the baroque orchestra, string quartet, and musicals while she was at Sonoma State University, and later on she was in Santa Rosa Symphony. I don’t know … Continue reading

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More birds

I ate lunch at Cuddy park today. Last month the ravens were abundant and deep in mating season. Love how thge males puff their head feathers into ears and court the ladies. Today there was the usual absurd duck abundance … Continue reading

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