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Tricksy chickens

Apparently the neighbors compost bin is better than ours. Bad chickens.

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Best baby

This morning during breakfast EKA says: “I want my book.” She is so very cool

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The Night Before Boo-oween

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So here is the latest project Very similar to the Chaource. Another Chèvre base with penicillum candidum mold. Started Sunday, took out of the molds and brined it today. It’ll spend a little while forming mold then a couple weeks … Continue reading

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Ramey and I were talking while I was making dinner

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That’s cheese!

Cut into another Chaource tonight. Much tastier! Creamy, a little crumbly. Texture was precisely what I was expecting. Much mellower flavor very yummy. I think I caught some of the mushroomy goodness. This Chaource was made in a Crottin mold … Continue reading

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Yay Bing

And Bing earned his Beginner Novice title today with a 181.5/200 qualifying score. I am particularly proud of my boy as it was an indoor trial which are more difficult for him. He was also the very last dog of … Continue reading

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Chaource – c’est bon

We tried the smallest thinnest Chaource tonight. It had a lot of attitude. Creamy center, a little chew to the rind. Nice fragrance. Sharper than I expected and just a tiny runny which suggests to me that I let it … Continue reading

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Having so much fun posting and realized there weren’t any EKA shots! Raking leaves Trying out chairs (we opted for an inexpensive used plastic adirondack) Absconding with mamas stock stick at sheep herding practice Enjoying a super yummy dinner with … Continue reading

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