14 years

Thank you Kathy Seube and Floyd for trusting me with my first Cardigan.

He is 14 today. We’ve had such adventures.

I imagine you watching us from Heaven, Kat. I think you’d approve of how far we’ve come.

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I enjoy seeing the harebells bloom.

I painted our door to match them a few years ago, and Es door to match this year.


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And done

Mercy I’m tired.
Floor, baseboard, door trim all done.
Remaining: light switch, room reload.

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Floor is down. 

I’m feeling proud. I thought Scott would do this part of the project but he is run down and his energy is very low. I’m grateful for the work he has done – several hours each night. But – I have done 85% of this project on my own. Not quite what I’d planned for, and put me waaay behind schedule. E will be home in a few minutes. She will sleep in the living room tonight, and probably tomorrow night, as her room is full of the contents of the spare room. 


-Scrape bead off wall left behind by old baseboard

-Install new baseboard and door trim

-Caulk top edge of baseboard / trim

-Replace light switch

-Reload room

Figure about another 12 hours of work. Phew. I’m getting tired. 

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Fiddly bits

I like how the bits around the closet came out.

Plus first coat of paint is in the baseboard and trim.


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Finish is in sight

Almost there, with the ‘easy’ part. 

Last two rows will be time consuming. I have to rip at least 5 boards, notch two for pipes, notch two more for the closet bump.

Hard parts to come. Clean up wall where old baseboard and trim left their caulk residue. Paint new baseboard and door trim. Cut and install baseboard and trim. 

Then the Herculean task if reloading the room. Four book cases and more. 

Ok. Quit procrastinating. Drink of water and back at it. 


E returns home this afternoon.

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More flooring

More progress. The transition strip is ugly but I installed it in such a way that we can redo more precisely at a later date. Like when we aren’t in a time crunch to git ‘er done before E returns home.



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After 15 years in the house, and 6 years after doing the flooring in the rest of the house, we are ripping out the last of our carpeting. 100 sf room, not a bedroom as it lost its window when the garage was built by the previous owner.

Mice took over the the underlayment we had stashed. Hope to find one usable roll.

In in the meantime, progress.

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Best boy Bing

I love this dog so terribly much.

He will be 14 in August.

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Books from Inter Library Loan 2010 – 2012 ish

These are books I borrowed (and read) via ‘Inter Library Loan’ with the help of Anchorage Public Library between 2010 and 2012. I was studying for my CCPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Training – Knowledge Assessed) exam and deeply into dog-training. I thought it would be fun to post my list. My time available for reading dropped off precipitously after E was born. Pre-E I was reading 5 – 8 books a week. Nerd.

Many of these books or videos wound up being purchased for my personal shelf.

ILL Books 2010-2012

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