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Bookish baby

Elizabeth likes the tiny board books that are sized for baby hands. We will often keep one in her crib as she happily ‘reads’ in the mornings if she wakes before us. When she went to bed at 8 last … Continue reading

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Go Kate and Bing

Great day at the Palmer dog show today. Kate earned her 3rd Rally Novice leg. She took 2nd place at 96/100. Very nice improvement over her first two legs which were qualifiers by the skin of her teeth. Some new … Continue reading

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The chosen one

White Chantecler rooster hatched at Sandhill Preservation in early June 2013 He’s a bit worried looking. He may be thinking ‘This does not bode well’ But he is traveling to a new home where he’ll get to have a flock … Continue reading

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First skinned knee

We visited the ducks and gulls at Westchester lagoon tonight. Elizabeth took a couple tumbles in her exuberance (including one with the dreaded moment of silence preceding the wail). She got her first skinned knee. Little tiny scrape. She had … Continue reading

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Elizabeth and bunny are very very good pals. It lets her pet it. Also reared up and put its paws on her hips as she was standing. Circled her legs like a cat. Didn’t give me much more than a … Continue reading

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Making feta. Milk, culture, lipase and rennet. Got curd? Hang for a bit. Cube and salt. More waiting.

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EKA feeds chicks

Tonight as we were visiting the chicks, Elizabeth pulled up some grass to feed the chicks. I gave her a long dandelion leaf instead. The chicks prefer dandelion and are indiscriminate in their pecking so the longer stem keeps her … Continue reading

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Grandma and EKA reading

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Grandma brought Scott’s chair for EKA

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Independence Day

We went to and saw the Anchorage 4th of July Parade. We were smart (only took how many years?) and took chairs. The parade seemed a bit shorter than recent years. Still plenty of entries and organizations, and marching, music, … Continue reading

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