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Elizabeth Katherine is up to 8 lbs 3 oz and eating 90 ml 8 times a day.

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‘Helpful’ Corgis

I’ve been bragging about our versatile cardigans, and how nicely their historical traits (herding, family dogs, watch the children…) have been shining. Bing loves Elizabeth. Kate is interested mostly in EKA’s business end. Both corgis have been very good with … Continue reading

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A Quickie

Short on sleep but doing well. My mom is up for a visit – wonderful! EKA is closing in on eight whole wonderful pounds. Singing continues to be an EKA favorite. She really likes ‘Field of Oats’. Nursing is successful … Continue reading

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Herding joy

Scott, Elizabeth Katherine and I drove out to the herding seminar this afternoon to watch Bing and our friends in action. Oh what good herding dogs we all have. We saw some very nice work from all of the dogs. … Continue reading

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A Herding Fool

Bing brags This past winter I continued taking the dogs out sheep herding. I continued herding with Kate myself however couldn’t keep up with Bing so turned handling Bing over to Suzanne. Bing likes working with Suzanne. She knows what … Continue reading

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First week at home

Our first week at home has flown by. Elizabeth Katherine Has grown to 7 lbs 1 oz. She had her first bath at home (she liked it at NICU, did not like it at home). She is a night owl. … Continue reading

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Blessed Joy

Elizabeth Katherine is home.

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Our Cinco de Mayo

We got the news just a few hours ago. Elizabeth comes home tomorrow!

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Seven weeks

Scott, Mel, and Chris got lots more done on the nursery last night. Baseboard, more paint. Maybe more varnish. Furniture can get moved in soonish. Scott and I attended infant CPR yesterday. There were mannequins on which to practice, two … Continue reading

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More snacks

Elizabeth is at 6 lbs 7 oz. She is happy and healthy. She has been receiving iron and another supplement (epo something?) as her hematocrit is somewhat low. Her doctor believes she’ll be on the supplements until she goes home … Continue reading

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