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Elizabeth Graduates to the Big Room

Kate has been showing signs of impending labor. Her appetite was off yesterday morning and this morning. Kat has been taking her temp frequently as the temp tends to drop shortly before whelp begins. Kat’s also keeping an eagle eye … Continue reading

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Kate’s Gravid Belly

Kate went to the vet and then her breeder yesterday. At the vet she got a belly x-ray for a puppy count. She’s due to whelp on April 1st. Creepy and cool at the same time. How many puppies do … Continue reading

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Hello Toes

I can see my toes again. They reappeared rather unexpectedly Friday before last. It is nice to see them again however wish they’d waited to make their reappearance until May. Short-ish version. I woke early Sunday 03/11/2012 with nauseau and … Continue reading

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