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Elizabeth is playing at being a puppy often. Today she wanted to be ‘stacked’ and photographed like the real puppies. A friend came over and helped do puppy pictures. Scott installed a hanging lamp in Elizabeth’s room. It is super … Continue reading

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My beloved puppies are four weeks old today. They play and growl and bark. They greet you with unadultered delight and clamber into a lap joyfully. I feel such bliss, peace, when I am with them. Thank you Kat. Thank … Continue reading

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She snuck up on the frog, pounced, and carried it away, her head high with pride. She snoozed with her chin resting on it for 20 minutes.

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Puppy canines are in Working on using a puppy litter box Eating puppy mush to supplement nursing Playing with each other and mock fighting They are growing so fast and so big

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The Attic

I spent about an hour crawling around in the attic this afternoon. We’ve got some problems. The insulation needs to be improved. The vents on the outside walls are partially covered by insulation. The bathroom vent ductwork has too many … Continue reading

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Fall bounty

Elizabeth and I harvested the garden tonight. Blama, Blampa and the dogs helped. There are a few more tomatoes on the way, and corn. The plot is about done though. There were a few beans and peas that might be … Continue reading

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Play-Doh spaghetti…mmmmm


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New digs

The whelping box isn’t helping at the point. Rearranged.

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Date night beauty

always my beautiful…   

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