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Sigh. More snow today.

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Sigh. More snow today.

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Dog glee

The front yard is nearly snow free. About 15 gallons of poo removed, most of the twigs/winter detritus, and a quick raking of the dry areas. Swept the driveway, picked up the street gutters, trimmed branches broken by winter snows. … Continue reading

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Heh heh heh

Why yes, she CAN remove her own diaper.

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Rockin’ baby

She LOVES her IKEA rocking moose. Thank you Aunt Pauline for bringing it up last year, and thank you Grandpa Joe for assembly.

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Dearth of earth

Last year Scott and Laura built an auxiliary chicken run so the birds could escape the muck in their primary run. This photo is from 04/19/2012. Notice the grass and dearth of snow: Here’s a photo of the same part … Continue reading

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Carrion glee

A hawk was stooping on magpies on our snow day earlier this week. He nailed one. A murder of ravens arrived out of nowhere and harassed the hell out of the hawk until it gave up its tasty treat. The … Continue reading

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Palak panir

I made Palak Panir for dinner (Indian dish – curried cream of spinach with cheese served over rice). I made the cheese part earlier this week. Heat milk to 190 F, add lemon juice. Let sit for a bit then … Continue reading

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It. Is. Snowing. April 23rd. Really?

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More birds

Our chicken run is a wreck of mud and flood. Most of the backyard is under a couple feet of snow. The chickens are disgruntled. I carried them to the front yard. Glee! Plus more geese are arriving at Loussac.

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