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I don’t know why but the way Kate crunches toast cracks us up. Your browser does not support the video tag

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Reindeer Star

At the Anchorage park strip we bumped into Star the reindeer out for a stroll. The Stewart family has had a Star the reindeer for decades at their home by the strip. It is always a pleasure to see her.

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Just EKA

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The piano has landed! Allen’s moving service made it look easy.

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Big Elizabeth

Shopping for a larger car seat.

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Healing hand

Before: 09/22/2012 After about a month: 10/18/2012 The cut has healed. Two courses of antibiotics (major hit to my lactation efforts) no infection. There is what I assume to be scar tissue beneath and alongside the cut. Wrist hurts (carpal … Continue reading

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Kate has warmed up to Elizabeth and has usurped Bing’s morning cuddle spot. Plus hanging with Elizabeth puts her closer to Scott’s oatmeal (out of frame). Elizabeth likes oatmeal too. She had some with dinner last night.

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I adore having solid floor instead of carpet. The dogs have adjusted well and when I clean the floor it is actually clean when my labors are complete. Briefly. The downside is every tuft of dog hair, every tracked in … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Lamb-Lover

Tonight we ate ram lamb stew cooked all day in the crockpot. With Alaskan carrots and celery, turnips and potatoes. Local tomatoes on the side. Elizabeth had a little broth and smashed carrot. Plus some moose. She liked it. Bing … Continue reading

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What’s grosser than gross?


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