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Lots going on at Midtown ranch. Bulbs are blooming. Rhubarb is peeking out. Breakup is 90% complete though the dogs are still getting muddy. The backyard snow is half gone. The greenhouse is the normal disaster. Just a few more … Continue reading

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Healdsburg and ekaphants

Visiting my mom in Healdsburg California. Spent some time at the plaza and drove down to Oakland zoo so EKA could see elephants in person. Rode the sky tram. Road the train. Saw elephants, giraffe, elands, camels, lions, tigers, zebras, … Continue reading

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Kinda Christmasy

We got our tree from Minnesota Bob Sunday before last but I didn’t have much interest in decorating with stress and worry and then sorrow for papa.  Christmas Eve arrived and the tree was still naked. I pulled the ornaments … Continue reading

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Up to ears

We are up to our ears in puppies, new boiler, toddler and projects. Insulation happens Tuesday, then ventilation. We hope to be up for air soon.

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Elizabeth is playing at being a puppy often. Today she wanted to be ‘stacked’ and photographed like the real puppies. A friend came over and helped do puppy pictures. Scott installed a hanging lamp in Elizabeth’s room. It is super … Continue reading

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Fall bounty

Elizabeth and I harvested the garden tonight. Blama, Blampa and the dogs helped. There are a few more tomatoes on the way, and corn. The plot is about done though. There were a few beans and peas that might be … Continue reading

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Aladdin Model 18 “Allah’s Choice”

We bought a travel trailer this weekend. It is a 1968 Aladdin Model 18. I think that model was called “Allah’s Choice” It’s a bit careworn as may be expected from a tin can that’s been rattling around for nearly … Continue reading

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This is not a deep thought. Community is what you make it. Scott and I like having the option of buying locally from our friends and neighbors. We like living in a town that has interesting events conducted by our … Continue reading

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Awake and sore

I am awake too late at night waiting for my accident pain to recede so I can sleep. Good things today. First snow and an oh so delighted toddler gleefully making tracks thru every inch of yard. She was do … Continue reading

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RIP Jeep

There was a not quite fiery car wreck on August 25. Fortunately I was alone. The Jeep and Skamper as well as the Honda that struck me were all totaled. An interesting assortment of bruises, concussion and internal injuries for … Continue reading

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