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Baby Registry stuff

We’ve kind of been in denial about the whole Baby Registry thing. We didn’t register anywhere when we got married, and I think we were kinda thinking that we’d get away with that this time too. Not so much. Anyway, … Continue reading

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More virtue

Still warm weather. The chicken run has thawed slightly, releasing the inevitable pungency. Hovering around 30 is too warm – I’d love to see the temps drop to the low – mid twenties and stay there for the remainder of … Continue reading

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Roof, muscles, and effort

Hartley and Jimmy cleared the snow from our roof yesterday. Our house is a ranch, footprint with garage is 36×50 more or less. Snow was quite deep, guessing 2 feet or more and the snow closest to the roof was … Continue reading

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Diaper Registry

If we can acquire about a gross of diapers, we’ll have enough to subscribe to a diaper laundering service for $15/week instead of washing our own nasty nappies. We are registered for diapers with Arctic Baby Bottoms.

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Last Chance Books – Gone this weekend

The great book purge is more or less done. We’ve finished going through the bookcases, and have posted all of the discards to PaperBackSwap. 209 books left to get rid of, we’ve already shipped or given away 60 or 70. … Continue reading

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Warm and sunny

Scott cleared the chicken roof this weekend. The snow was not only deep, it was very dense. We took a closer look at the roof of our house and are thinking perhaps it would be prudent to shovel our roof … Continue reading

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Chicken snow

That’s a Wyandotte/Chantecler hen coming down the ladder. Good layer but flighty. Look how deep the snow is on their ‘sun roof’. Whuf!

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Cookbook bookcase

It’s a beautiful warm Saturday morning in Anchorage. Despite the glorious day¬†we are not sheep herding. A big storm blew¬†another hearty helping of the cold white stuff to Southcentral. Enough that driving conditions are hazardous and we’d have to shovel … Continue reading

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Frontyard Moose

He ate Nasturtium. Screen door slammed in the wind and he came to the front door. Ate some of the second lilac. Walked past the dining room window. Ate a few more things. His hind hooves are excessively long, like … Continue reading

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Backyard Moose 2

Moose bedded down for about an hour and quarter. Then he rose, walked past the bathroom window, and went to my least favorite weed tree to snack. Eat as much of that tree as you can, Mr. Moose. After a … Continue reading

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