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Going down to California earlier in the month stirred up a lot of memories. I don’t want to talk about the dad stuff, or the family stuff. There were good memories though.  My sister found an old packet of photos … Continue reading

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Clattering like castanets Across the hardwood floor Bing and Katie round and round Shoot out the open door Merrily barking close eyed in bliss Magpies scatter before their storm And finally they piss

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Different tanked

I set up an aquarium at work. It is helping me calm my stress a lot.  Very small, no fish yet.  3.7 Cube Petco 40 GPH pump 3 part filtration 3 watt LED (that can be honky-hacked to produce more … Continue reading

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I am still so worn out these days. The Car Crash was 16 months ago and I continue to feel its effects daily. Scott is worn out. Sometimes I think even Elizabeth is worn out.  I have cut nearly all … Continue reading

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Roscoes buddy

Roscoe adores Elizabeth. She is his playmate and provider of dinner. His very favorite thing is to wake her in the morning. They delight in playing together.  This morning Elizabeth was sitting in a box lined with a blanket, pretending … Continue reading

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