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Early gardening

Getting to garden pretty early this year thanks to global warming (yay!) and a new 12’x12′ greenhouse. I ordered these seeds knowing it was much too late to be starting tomatoes but I couldn’t resist their names. They are from … Continue reading

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Carnegie library

This is a recent picture of my childhood library (now a museum), ruled by Teagan’s mom, Lynn. Beautiful. No computers back then, just books and card catalogs and good smells.

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Spring glorious spring

Working on the yard. So enjoying the warm weather. Nibbling away at the pile of dirt and chips left by the trunk eradication that took place last fall. Decided we kind of sucked at compost so over the course of … Continue reading

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Cooking EKA

Elizabeth helped make dinner tonight. She picked a cucumber from the cheater* plant in the living room. Then – with lots of help – she cut it into bite size chunks. She was pretty pleased with herself. *Cheater plant: Bells … Continue reading

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