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Market bounty

Scott went to two farmers markets this afternoon.

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Winter has arrived

It is snowing this morning. And accumulating. The mountains have had termination dust which I’ve been ignoring for weeks (la la la I can’t see you…). Still leaves and twigs and small branches on the lawn. I got the spring … Continue reading

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Mornings are sweet

We’ve settled into a morning routine. Stumble out of bed before 7, dogs outside and fed and bottle into hot water to warm. Water onto the stove for coffee and oatmeal. One of us finishes getting breakfast ready while the … Continue reading

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Tasty tasty ram

Every fall the extra sheep we’ve been herding all summer get sold off. The naughty uncooperative sheep, the too old to breed ewes, the rams and others that for whatever reason don’t fit into spring breeding plans or the next … Continue reading

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Reserve High in Trial, Bing

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The 2012 State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend amount is $878. Elizabeth Katherine will be eligible next year. You must be an Alaska resident for a full year to be eligible.

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It’s all dog training redux

From Scott: EKA and I were sitting after breakfast, and she was working on grasping and holding. The only thing within my reach (without disturbing her) that her hand would fit around was Bing’s Formal Retrieve Obedience dumbbell. As we … Continue reading

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It’s all dog training

Elizabeth Katherine in her ex-pen…

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Loungin’ Katie

While we were in Jackies, Kate hopped onto the top of the fabric dog kennel. She was comfy in her hammock. Bing looked on in disapproval.

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Sunday breakfast at Jackies

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