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Heard then saw the first gull this year. Bittersweet – they are harbingers of spring but also mean ravens will soon depart.

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Spring sheep

Bing continues with crate rest so Kate did some herding today. It was fairly warm (high 30’s? Low 40’s?) and the sheep were cooperative so Kate did well. As usually, Elizabeth laughed and enjoyed being out with the animals. Our … Continue reading

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Dinner at Chong’s

Elizabeth feeds herself tofu at Chong’s

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I have an old movie memory. It was 1984 and my big sister took me to see The Karate Kid at a theater (possibly what is now the Summerfield?) in Rincon Valley. We stopped at the near by Round Table … Continue reading

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Bing Underwater Treadmill

A few folks had asked how Bing was doing. Bing continues to recover from his herniated disc (2/27/2013). He is still on crate rest and leashed potty time. 2 five minute walks a day. Unlimited belly rubs. He began his … Continue reading

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A little lunch

Tofu, peas, polenta. She ate all the polenta first and dug around in the peas looking for more. She devoured the tofu next. This is an organic variety from Fred Meyers. She prefers the locally produced tofu I buy at … Continue reading

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I bought three dahlia tubers (bulbs?) from The Persistent Farmer at the Center Farmers Market. I haven’t grown dahlias before and am looking forward to learning about them. I asked Rob, the farmer, to choose for me as I didn’t … Continue reading

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We went to a wedding Sunday. Beautiful very traditional ceremony. Loved seeing Scott all duded up. Great smiles all around.

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All about EKA

Today we celebrated Elizabeth’s first birthday. There was family, home made chicken soup and sandwiches, and an out of season carrot cake made just for her by the good bakers at Fire Island Bakery. Her favorite toy was the tag … Continue reading

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Bing P/T

Bing started P/T today. He really took to his therapist, kisses and cuddles almost immediately. I have NEVER seen him ‘take’ to someone like that before. He enjoyed the under water treadmill immensely. Twice a week for awhile. Continued crate … Continue reading

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