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Who is the cutiest patootiest?

gaaah. The cuteness.

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Ziggy links (who later was named Allie)

YouTubes of Ziggy Ziggy at 4 weeks Ziggy at play

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Puppy eval results

Went great. Ziggy, Zorro, lilac worthy of inclusion in breeding program. Speedy and Surprise need to be pet homes. Exhausted. More later.  YouTube video, 53 minutes

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Zorro and his divine belly.

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Versatile Corgi

Traveller (Wales Tails Globetrotter) is my boy Bings littermate. He’s a knock out show dog and athletic accomplished agility dog. He belongs to my mentor Kat and Floyd. Very sadly Kat passed away a year and a half ago. Like … Continue reading

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New ball

The new puppy sized ball was joyfully accepted. They wore themselves out on the new toy. Surprise was especially enamored and fell asleep with it in her mouth. It wasn’t stuck at all. Loosely grasped. Adorable.

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Bomb proofing

We are bomb proofing the puppies. They are six weeks old today, in the middle of the ‘curious’ stage. There is a lot of banging and thumping above and below today. We are having insulation and other work done in … Continue reading

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Up to ears

We are up to our ears in puppies, new boiler, toddler and projects. Insulation happens Tuesday, then ventilation. We hope to be up for air soon.

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