Go Kate and Bing

Great day at the Palmer dog show today. Kate earned her 3rd Rally Novice leg. She took 2nd place at 96/100. Very nice improvement over her first two legs which were qualifiers by the skin of her teeth. Some new to is exercises were present so I was nervous going in. we hadn’t practiced for awhile much less new stuff. She was awesome. Her full name with the new title is CH Wales Tails Kiss Me Kate RN, PT.

Bing earned his 2nd leg in Beginner Novice with a 186/200. I was very proud of him. He was unphased when the judge touched him and gave me a gorgeous recall. He held his stay despite being worried about a nearby Rottweiler.

EKA and Scott had a good time too. EKA enjoyed running around in the grass barefooted.

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