Baby Registry stuff

We’ve kind of been in denial about the whole Baby Registry thing. We didn’t register anywhere when we got married, and I think we were kinda thinking that we’d get away with that this time too.

Not so much.

Anyway, we looked at a couple of things at Sears today, plus would LOVE help with acquiring about a gross (hah! I love using that term in connection with diapers) of cloth diapers.

We’d prefer cloth diapers over anything else. Either the old fashioned rectangular cloth ones – get them from a local diaper service, NOT Toys R Us or the other big box stores (Big Box stores we have discovered carry inferior cloth diapers – don’t waste your money). We’ve heard rumor that a local diaper service is going out of business and selling used nappies for a buck apiece. Cool.
(Update 3/29/2012 Tidy Tush Diaper Service has inexpensive second had cloth diapers. They can be reached at 748-1250

If you’d like to get fancy diapers, we’ve registered for yuppified cloth diapers at Arctic Baby Bottoms

Along with the diaper theme, a week of laundering service by Mrs. K’s Diaper Service would be very helpful (we provide the diapers, Mrs. K launders them – yeah!). And inexpensive at only $15/week.
Look for ‘Laundry Service’ under ‘Additional Services’:
Mrs. K’s Diaper Service

We registered for some bigger ticket items at Sears. We would like to get our hands on a Jenny Lind crib – I’ve been keeping my eyes on Craigslist but the Sears registry is the backup plan.
(Update 3/29/2012 The car seat has been purchased and more eyes are searching for a Jenny Lind crib. Also – apparently Sears won’t ship the Jenny Lind to Alaska, go figure)

Update: We’ll need some baby gates. This looks like a really good product. It’s clear plastic instead of mesh or wood slats which makes it stronger and safer for the dogs. It is also made in the US which makes us very happy. I’ve seen these at Once Upon a Child on Northern Lights Blvd.

More soon.

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  1. Wow! Who knew there was so much to learn about diapers!! Eeeek! Better tell your registry folks which ones you think you’ll like…I was totally lost, swimming in bumkins and those other things three folds whatchamacallits….

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