Summer flies

Summer is always busy and it is difficult to post regularly

Elizabeth enjoyed herding yesterday. It’s been hot and hard on the animals. The Saturday morning crew has been working on some improvements to the large arena which we hope to have completed by the July trials. Fun!

Bing showed fairly good control with three lambs yesterday. The work was ragged and a bit chaotic but not bad for a dog who in previous year displayed a preference for eating lambs instead of herding them.

Kate displayed no control, no recall, sigh, no sit on the same three lambs. She didn’t want to eat them but found chasing delightful. I cornered her and leashed her.

So Bing will enter the AHBA HTAD trial today and Kate will stay home eating Bon bons. The sheep are light and Bing has never seen them. I expect it to be humbling but fun none the less.

Elizabeth is very mobile these days. She has a few words (dog, ola, gracias, mama, more) and is able to articulate her wants more clearly. She loves birds and her dogs. She dances when she hears music and will play happily by herself for brief periods of time.

She is a delight.



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