Wow. We are really tired.

We sanded and sanded and sanded trim on the house yesterday and today, performing some much needed and long overdue maintenance.

I became so aggravated at the orbital sander. The frickin’ keepers weren’t snug enough to hold the sand paper in place and every few feet I was replacing torn material before the paper was worn out. It certainly couldn’t have been operator error – the fact that Scott had no troubles with the device means nothing.

Then we primed and painted said trim.

We are a long way from done. However we got a lot done and the aching muscles from the unaccustomed activity is worth it. We haven’t touched the windows yet and still need to do the trim on the back side.

I think we will probably ignore the trim under the gutters this year.

I’ve also decided that we have even more reasons to love our little home. There are only 7 windows and between the simple roof and 36′ x 48′ footprint including the garage, just not that many linear feet of trim that need attention. Phew.


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