This is not a deep thought. Community is what you make it. Scott and I like having the option of buying locally from our friends and neighbors. We like living in a town that has interesting events conducted by our friends and neighbors. Sometimes we even like participating in fundraisers conducted by our friends and neighbors.

What brings this specifically to mind is Fur Rendezvous, which is celebrating its 84th or 85th year depending on your math skills.

Scott and I really enjoy the varied Rondy events and appreciate their sometimes hokey nature. If a person wants events like Rondy, it behooves one to support and participate in those events in some manner. Hopefully beyond purchasing the obligatory pin.

We want to raise Elizabeth with a sense of community. We want her to feel a desire to be part of and experience the joy of being part of what makes special stuff like Rondy happen. So this year all three of us entered our perhaps very amateur photos in the amateur photo contest sponsored by the Mall at Sears and Blaine’s Art Supplies. I mounted all our 8×10’s on the regulation sized foam board (supplied by Blaine’s at a discount) and slid them into the recommended envelopes. All three of us trooped down to Blaine’s to turn them in tonight. As soon as Elizabeth and Scott were out of the car I handed out our entries. Elizabeth briefly voiced her concern that the pictures was too big for her to carry (You hear whining? No, neither did I). We paused for pics in the entry then guided Elizabeth to the back counter and helped her slide her entry onto the top.

She looked pretty proud of herself. So does Scott for that matter.

It was pretty easy and inexpensive. With photo printing, mounting supplies and entry fees it was about $11/entry. That’s cheap entertainment.

It felt good to participate.

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