Tank update

The nano tank is maturing. My original two Emerald Dwarf Rasbora suffered a loss last week. The smaller fish entered the filter area thru slits, gorged itself, then got wedged and died when it tried to exit. Oh dear. 

I added a pair of Galaxy Rasbora a little while ago. Their markings are striking and they remind me of wild Alaska Grayling. 

Earlier this week I added a trio of Neon Green Rasbora and am regretting that addition. They are billed as peaceful fish and are of a size with the others. On my brief experience they are territorial bullies. I think they’d prefer a larger tank.  I’m going to try adding more hiding spots. In the meantime one in particular delights in charging the Galaxies, and has intimidated the remaining Emerald into hunkering on the bottom of the tank. Given the stillness of that fish I half expect it to die. I don’t have a way to isolate it. I hope adding greenery will be enough to reduce its stress so it can bounce back. 

Not good. 

The shrimp appear content. Another blue shed last night. They like to hang out in the tiny water lily leaves I’ve got floating on the top of the tank. 


Neon Green Rasbora


Emerald Dwarf Rasbora


Galaxy Rasbora




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