Good boy

My favorite dog show of the year is held the first weekend of June at the Chugiak Benefit Association Ball Fields. 

This year I entered Bing in Rally Advanced B on a whim. I haven’t done Rally Adv B but I knew most of the signs more or less. He hasn’t learned the exercises formally but they are all variations on the noodling heel work we have played at for years. We didn’t squeeze in much practice time before the show. And he’s been feeling his age enough his willingness to jump even a single 8″ obstacle varies daily. 

So my expectations were low. Go out. Have some fun. Support the hosting club with my entry and provide comic relief. Ask my boy if he feels like working and respect his answer. 

We had a kind judge with high standards. I asked about foot movement for one of the exercises. Nope. Not even a teeny bit. 10 point loss. Whoo, I thought, better not figure on earning a Q today!

So we went out and did our best. I made a silly error right off the bat. Bing took about four signs to engage. 

I was a bit shocked we qualified. 

And thrilled we tied for fourth place. 

Then ecstatic, because my sweet nearly 13 year old partner had the faster time. 

Bing brought home a qualifying ribbon in green and a fully respectable ribbon in white for Fourth place. 

I love Bing so much. He has been such a good friend and partner over the years. 

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