Dusky kindled, 6 live kits

What I wrote to Dusky’s breeder:

Dear xxx
Dusky kindled about 1 AM this morning.
I checked her this morning 7:30 AM. She was out of the nest box and hungry. She ate with good appetite after several days of reduced interest in food.
The kits were well snuggled in her nest with a good covering of her fur. One kit on the outside edge of the mass of babies was cold. It’s feet and belly were in contact with the rest of the kits when I pulled the fur back, warm which gave me momentary hope that it could be revived. Not sure if it was weak / unlucky and being on the outside edge was enough to kill it, or if something else was going on.
There were 7 kits total, including the dead kit.
I did not count colors, I did not attempt to sex (I can sex adults, babies not so much). I kept my contact with the kits very brief. Dusky was concerned about me messing with her babies. They were vocalizing and she hopped back in and (I assume) nursed them. By the time I’d finished taking care of outside chores (maybe 20 minutes) she was out of the nest and everybody was quiet again. I peeked and confirmed kits were recovered and warm then let her be.
I have the dead kit in the freezer in case you want to look at colors / sex. A bit morbid but these things happen.
Do you have recommendations for ensuring Dusky has what she needs beyond rabbit pellets and hay?
Give a shout when you would like to come over. If you have time while you are here, I’d like to understand rabbit conformation a bit better. Reading is one thing however nothing like someone who understands helping translate word into the animal in front of you. I am working from home this week and nearly anytime will be fine.

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