Alarmed chickens

This weekend we picked up a couple of meat bunnies from our friends. They are nine weeks old, very sweet tempered, around six pounds. We didn’t have time to process them  this weekend so we secured in a shady part of the yard.

The chickens are most alarmed by these interlopers. Half  an hour after the bunnies settled in the hens were still fluttering about alarm-calling!

Alarmed chicken in background

Alarmed chicken in background

Here is a photo of a Wyandotte mix with head high and stiff  bodied, clucking and strutting for all she’s worth. Guess there won’t be any eggs for a day or two (my girls take a laying break when they get wound up).

We are looking forward to seeing how these bunnies dress out. I feel a little bad because they have such nice temperaments. We will cook something  special with them.

The bunnies aren’t phased by much. Not even hysterical corgis.

Later in the day I escorted the dogs to the back to do their business (neighbor kids  playing basketball in street out front which makes my herding dogs  NUTS).  They found the bunnies and investigated. Bing was mildly  curious but unimpressed. Kate stared at them hard, very stiff. Then a  bunny moved and Kate jumped about a foot in startlement. She pillated  all the way down her back, barked crazily, and danced back and forth  slung low to the ground while, get this, TREMBLING! Bunnies watched  her and moved around their cage calmly.

I laughed at my poor frightened Kate I’m ashamed to say. I took pity  on her and picked her up and carried her away. She was too wigged by  the bunnies to come when called.

Funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen her do.

She had her revenge that evening.  One of the Wyandotte mixes was  feeling unwell. Hunch backed, eyes half closed, you know the drill. I caught her and checked her over. Weight a little low, vent in good  shape, poops ok. No prolapse, not eggbound. Crop distended and stinky  breath.  So I held her upside down and massaged her crop until it  emptied. Lot of foulness came out. Hen perked up right away so I’ll  just keep an eye on her. It looked like she’d gotten into some  styrofoam. (it insulates the house walls below ground level, they dig  it up and eat it whenever they get a chance).

What does that have to do with Kate? She found the chicken puke and  worked it deep into her ruff and coat. Then she showed Bing where it  was. He also annointed himself.

Then they came found me. Gaaagh.

Cold outdoor baths for both dogs. They were not amused.

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