Beautiful Produce

Look at those gorgeous green beans. And I enjoy the asian pears New Sagaya stocks this time of year.

Tomorrow is sheep herding. We had a fair bit of snow so the corgis may get high centered. I think we’ll take both dogs and see if Kate wants to play.

The weather is mild – the chickens are happier now that our cold snap is done. The birds are getting old. Little Girl and Smart One turned 7 this summer. I think the Wyan/Chant crosses (progeny of Wings Wings) are at least 3, maybe 4. The cold snap disgruntled the eggs right out of them. I hope the warmer temps bring back a few cackle berries.

Elizabeth is getting more and more coordinated with knees and hands. I’ve been working on plugging in outlet covers. We’d best hurry with the child proofing because mobility is imminent.

Chili for Solstice in memory of our friend Mike. It was his tradition to feed friends on venison chili every winter solstice. There was singing and food and too much Rumpelmintz. I think I’ll make a batch of caribou chili too.


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