Stolen – 4 Studded on steel rims

A dirty rotten scoundrel stole my spare tires on rims between 1:30 PM and 5:30 PM Monday January 28.

Four studded tires on steel rims. 5 lugs. Studs are about worn out.

Tire size P205/70R15

I came home at lunch and chucked some trash over the fence. The gate was secure and the tires present. I got home with Elizabeth about four hours later to find the gate ajar and my tires missing.

Nothing else was gone.

There were several lovely clear shoe prints in the snow. APD came out and took pictures.

We warned the neighbors, too.

The tires were in back instead of on my car because they’re worn out. The rims are good. Could’ve been much worse. Had we changed my tires this year they would’ve gotten new summer tires on factory rims. Or they could’ve broken into the house and done awful things.

I’m ticked about the theft but its hard to get worked up when it could have been so much worse.

I’ll finish calling pawn shops tomorrow. Perhaps the tires will be found.

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