A little lunch

Tofu, peas, polenta. She ate all the polenta first and dug around in the peas looking for more. She devoured the tofu next. This is an organic variety from Fred Meyers. She prefers the locally produced tofu I buy at the Wednesday Farmers Market, produced by Alaska Sprouts. She was pretty full by the time she got to the peas but she made a heavy dent in them. Good girl.

Kate is under the table.


We also went to the dog show held at the Egan today (tomorrow too). We cheered on our Cardigan friends. Elizabeth clapped for Chickadee (first show) and Talia (who went Best of Breed and earned her Championship with that win).
Elizabeth met lots of nice dogs, though by far her favorite was Chickadee. They bonded over kisses and cuddles.



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