Spring glorious spring

Working on the yard. So enjoying the warm weather. Nibbling away at the pile of dirt and chips left by the trunk eradication that took place last fall. Decided we kind of sucked at compost so over the course of several days moved all the ‘compost’ from the two ginormous bins to the garden and gaping hole where the weed trees were dug out last fall. Compost from eight years ago at the bottom of the bin was still identifiably wood shavings. Sigh.

Composting in Alaska takes knowledge AND effort. We acknowledge our short comings and give up. We will henceforth and shamefacedly haul our dirty coop shavings to the dump.

We bought a green house. Once I’ve got the back under control, real soon now, we will assemble the monster and move the cheater plants outside.

A friend gave us two trash cans of gorgeous worm laden dirt. If our veggies aren’t fabulous this year it won’t be for lack of nutrients!

The rhubarb is slowly recovering. Elizabeth had a heck of a good time watering it the other night. She relishes being outside.

More tracking with Bing he is a funny cheater boy. More about that later.





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