Early gardening

Getting to garden pretty early this year thanks to global warming (yay!) and a new 12’x12′ greenhouse.

I ordered these seeds knowing it was much too late to be starting tomatoes but I couldn’t resist their names. They are from Wild Boar Farm.

Plus Scott is taking a stab at growing potatoes in straw/soil. We are both tired of the fall ritual that consists of bruising our fingers in icy rocky clay soil come September. We’ve worked on amending the soil over the years and it is improved however it is still more clay than dirt.

I planted many seeds. Kale, lettuce, peas, more kale, more tomatoes, leeks!, nasturtiums, sweet peas. There are also carrots but we will sow those directly in the soil.

I transplanted the tomatoes I started in January (little guys and kind of scrawny). The two gorgeous mature plants are the cheater cuke and tomato from Bells.

I need to transplant the dahlias. I also need about 10 more tomato cages. I’m going to like having such a roomy greenhouse particularly if I can restrain myself from over filling it.

We had a lot if fun together as a family tonight.



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