Scott and I have been thinning out our books. Not an easy task. We’ve gone through 7 shelves so far, and have pulled about 100 for discard. We’re not¬†getting rid of¬†anything we really love. Much of what is going is duplicates, readily available through the library, obsolete to our current interests, or just not that interesting.

Why thin books you ask? Our shelves are double stacked and double deep. We can’t remember what we do and don’t have, and can’t remember where we put the books that we are interested in reading at any particular moment. Kinda dumb. Plus we’ve got an unknown number of bankers boxes loaded with books on shelves in the house and in the garage. It’s not that we have too many books, but we don’t have enough shelf space for what we have and thats just not going to change.


We’ve passed some on to friends. We’ve posted the remainder to our accounts. Quite a few books have gone away that way. Not familiar with PBS? Oh my. Basically you post books you are relinquishing, someone else says ‘Hey – I want that’. You get a credit for sending the book, and can then use that credit to request a book that you want from anyone on PBS. Keen, huh?

After a couple weeks we’ll take our remaining discards down to Title Wave, and get book credit there.

In the meantime – if you are family/friends take a look at our PBS lists. Email us if you want a book we have listed, we’ll give it to you.


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