Cold cold cold

It has been a chilly week. Most mornings have still been down around -10 F. No more problems with the baseboard heat for which we are grateful.

We have been trying to sheep herd on Saturdays but the weather in Wasilla has been worse than Anchorage. Tomorrow may be as cold as -20 F at the sheep facility. Herding stops at -10 F. Not safe for the lungs of the sheep or dogs to exert themselves in those temps. Bing questions my judgement around -6 F, Kate quits at 0. Last winter I would herd at -10 F, this winter I get wussy at 0 and have a tough time getting motivated to work.

Anyway, tomorrow's forecast is -20 F. I think we'll stay in town, break our fast at Whitespot, hit the gym, and perhaps buy me a longer Skhoop. A Skhoop is an insulated skirt, like a coat for your lower half. I am at about 5 months now, and skirts seem to be the only comfy clothing I can find right now. But it's frikkin' frigid out there. My existing Skhoops aren't long enough to keep me comfy.

We may also do some more book weeding so check our books available list in a couple days and shout if you want something.

Chickens were bitching until they got their corn tonight. The second heat lamp is doing its job holding the cold at bay. Need to scrape some snow off their 'sun roof' as the weight is causing bowing between joists. Also need to replace their backup heated water bowl. After 6 winters it's failed. Hens are still laying despite the cold. How amazing - the Chantecler is truly an impressive chicken!

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