Midtown ranch projects

More stuff completed this evening. This looks like a lot but most of these things were 10-15 minute tasks.

  • Attached a silver tarp to the top of the rabbit roof to reflect the sun and reduce the temp under the roof.
  • Set up a fan to blow during day to keep rabbits cool.
  • Planted half of the garden pea seedlings.
  • Gathered a tote of manure and uneaten hay bits from under the rabbits and spread around the invading raspberries.
  • Installed Waste Control System 1.0 – I expect to make multiple changes as I figure out how to let the urine flow out to buckets and the poop separate so the odor stays under control. The urine is supposed to be great at heating up compost piles so if you are in Anchorage and want to try that with your compost pile, come get pee. Rabbits pee about a cup a day, so I’ll be collecting a quart a day probably. Plenty to go around.
  • Power washed the pool (again), patched the hole, leveled -kind of- the legs, installed the filtration system and started filling the pool. Scott and E were big helps with this.
  • Mowed the lawn with Scott’s aid.
  • E set up and installed the yellow jacket trap and the fly trap.
  • Set up the Mosquito Magnet.
  • Played with rabbits, chicks, and a wonderful child.
  • Watered plants.
  • The soffets are too well insulated with the 1×6 boards I installed in the coop resulting in hot chicks. Spent some time fiddling with options so I don’t cook the babies.

    What is next?
  • Moving all the detritus away from the house.
  • Installing the tool racks I uninstalled several years ago when I painted the garage wall.
  • Put the outdoor tools up properly.
  • Set up a wood rack to get my bits and pieces of lumber off the ground and semi-organized.
  • Fertilize and reseed the lawn.
  • Plant potatoes – I better get that done ASAP if we want a harvest.
  • Plant the kale and lettuce.

Almost there. Will be in maintenance mode pretty quickly.
I hope my Chantecler eggs arrive soon.

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