Modest progress tonight. Completed unit 7 assignments for school. Cut and installed six 1×6 boards to block the open soffits on the coop. Provided Dusky with ample supplies for her nest building endeavors. Weed whacked the ridiculously long grass on the side yard then drug a 30’ section of old pool wall as a weed blocker. Scott shifted three of the tomatoes into this newly created space. I have a hunch the reflected heat from the house south facing wall will yield fruit. If it doesn’t scorch them.

Weed whacked the front strip on the road. Weed whacked the area of the yard we keep dog free for E. Lots of long grass left for another day.

Had a followup visit for my brain stuff leftover from the 2014 car crashes.

Enjoyed working with the rabbits and chicks with E. There is a calmness to doing simple husbandry chores that is sweet in my soul.

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