A Herding Fool

Bing brags

This past winter I continued taking the dogs out sheep herding. I continued herding with Kate myself however couldn’t keep up with Bing so turned handling Bing over to Suzanne. Bing likes working with Suzanne. She knows what the sheep and dog are going to do next, understands their dance, and is so fast in her reaction times. 

When Bing works with me he gets frustrated because I give him the right cue but several seconds late, turning it into the wrong cue. He KNOWS when I’ve given him the wrong cue. I have many more years learning to gain the skill Bing deserves.

So Bing and Suzanne have developed a beautiful working relationship. She has been handling him in my absence at the herding seminar.

I was tickled to get an e-mail from one of our friends who had this to say about Bings work yesterday:

“Bing was great! He appropriately tore into a couple of rams that had been buffaloeing dogs all day, and with well placed between-the-horns bites, letting the bastards know who was boss. One of the rams really pissed him off and he laid down the law with authority! Great to watch! Funny, Bing looks so much bigger when out on the herding grounds then he does when I’m walking him between his runs! I’m not a Corgi fan, but I sure am a Bing fan. He’s such a little lion out in the paddock!”

I am so proud of our herding boy. Go Bing man!

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3 Responses to A Herding Fool

  1. Laura B says:

    When I manage to stay awake long enough, I will put the video of him getting those rams (and the other video) onto a disc for you. I haven’t even manage to get it off the camera yet- just too wiped out each night. Hopefully by next weekend for sure!

  2. Wanda says:

    Sure loved reading Laura’s kudos for Bing – Great writing, Laura !
    Didn’t realize Bing is a Corgi ???
    Can’t imagine a Corgi herder. Gotta see those videos.
    – Aunt Wanda

    • Jenny says:

      The comments were from our friend, Jeff, who transported Bing to the seminar each day.

      Bing is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Cardigans and Pembroke were used in Wales to herd cattle, mind the children, hunt rats/mice and all manner of useful tasks.

      Bing herded cattle last August and did great! He is a remarkable boy and we are very proud of him.

      I’ll see if I can post some video…

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