Herding joy

Scott, Elizabeth Katherine and I drove out to the herding seminar this afternoon to watch Bing and our friends in action.

Oh what good herding dogs we all have. We saw some very nice work from all of the dogs. I loved seeing how all of the dogs have progressed in the last two months, and seeing the growth in their handlers too. We saw some lovely ‘outs’, ‘go byes’/’aways’ as well as impressive ‘downs’. 

Watching our friends working their dogs, seeing the sheep respond was the best kind of tonic. 

The weather was cool but not bad. Our presence distracted Bing a bit – he kept getting drawn back to the top of the arena and losing contact with the sheep. He is a mamas dog for sure.

Bing is very curious about Elizabeth Katherine. When we get home tonight we’ll introduce them properly.

Great day. Wonderful to see the sheep and all our friends again. And even better to be heading home with our goodie boy in the Honda with us.

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1 Response to Herding joy

  1. Wanda says:

    So good to hear you are out and about again.
    Sure would love to see Bing herding.
    What kind of dog is he?
    Can you post a photo?
    A hug for sweet baby Elizabeth.
    Love to you and Scott.
    – Aunt Wanda and Uncle Jody

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