A Quickie

Short on sleep but doing well.
My mom is up for a visit – wonderful!
EKA is closing in on eight whole wonderful pounds. Singing continues to be an EKA favorite. She really likes ‘Field of Oats’. Nursing is successful but really slow. We are improving. Elizabeth’s official due date has past – May 19th. Now she’s like a newborn. A shower for her tonight – many awesome, beautiful, thoughtful and generous gifts. We are overwhelmed.
Scott is back at work and doing house stuff in the evenings. Trying to finish the closet in the master bedroom. Needs varnish and a few other things. A closet rod too. And a curtain to cover it all.
Mom is going to make a curtain for the master bedroom closet. This will be an improvement over the bifold doors – quieter and will effectively make the closet deeper to accommodate the broad shoulders of Scott’s shirts.
I am still home recovering and learning to be a mom. Steep learning curve, but we are managing. Not a lot of sleep. Neither Scott nor I have dropped Elizabeth Katherine, so we count ourselves as successful.

Our secret to happiness? Lower Your Standards.

Both dogs are home. Kate came home last Saturday. We are working on getting her more comfortable – some engorgement as her milk dries up. Not comfortable for the dear girl but part of the process. We are making her as comfortable as possible with warm compresses. She is enduring a 24 hour fast to help speed the process under Dr. W’s advice.

Had Tony’s Enterprises out to do the spring clean up. Yard looks fabulous. Driveway is edged, leaves are gone, grass is shorn, bushes are trimmed back into submission. Garden got tilled by a guy I found on Craigs list. Awesome. Ready for potatoes.
Chickens are happy. Bing is happy. Kate is coping.

Elizabeth is astonishingly wonderfully mind altering cool.

We are tired.

There will be photos. Eventually.

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