Yet more purging…

More organizing and purging over the weekend and tonight.

Scott and a friend installed a new light fixture in the hallway last might, looks much better. The previous fixture was original and missing it’s shade.

Scott completed the second bookcase. Yeah! We got hits on two of the books within minutes of posting them. Take a look at the book lists (see earlier Paperback Swap post).

Consolidated all of the dog training gear. Pulled aside the usable but not for me, redundant, ‘what was I thinking’ training gear. Cleaned and put away the tracking gear, no pull harnesses, spare clickers, thunder shirt, calming caps, hands free leashes and all the other stuff I might need at some point. Also went through the dog toys. Kongs, stuffed toys, tugs, etc went into the washing machine, hard toys went into the top rack of the dishwasher. Set out all the bones, let the dogs pick which 6 to keep, chucked the rest (to looks of disbelief on dogs faces). After the toys were clean Scott and I went through them, put aside the ones we or the dogs didn’t favor, and got the remaining toys down to one large milk crate. ¬†We’ll pass on the ‘discards’. A friend may have a litter hitting the ground in a couple months, and another friend may be able to use some in her Puppy classes. (02/07/2012 Update: All of the ‘purged’ dog stuff left the house tonight! Progress, albeit slow)

Rearranged things on the purged shelves. I’ve got all my music books unpacked for the first time in quite a few years – that’s a really good feeling. I was able to make room on the ‘dog’ bookcase for my class materials from the two Harvard Extension dog cognition and development courses I took a few years ago. It was fun to scan the scientific journal excerpts.

A busy, productive evening.

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