Backyard moose

I am home sick with a cold today.

I entered the marmalade room and saw nothing but brown through the window.

A bull moose is hanging out in our backyard right now.

He’s beautiful and really cool. At the moment he’s curled up chewing his cud. It’s snowing and he’s getting a fine scattering of snow across his withers and back. His ears are flipping back and forth between erect and draped back. He pinned them when the neighbors Lab the next yard over came out. The Lab wisely chose not to bark and slinked off to the far side of his yard. The snow is deep this year. It looks like the moose followed Scott’s trail out to the greenhouse, bedded down for a bit, then rose, moved closer to the house, and bedded down again.

I think this is the third different moose we’ve seen in the neighborhood this week.

Bing and Kate are inside with me. They barked for a bit but settled when I asked.



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