Frontyard Moose

He ate Nasturtium. Screen door slammed in the wind and he came to the front door. Ate some of the second lilac.

Walked past the dining room window. Ate a few more things.

His hind hooves are excessively long, like Dutch shoes. My horse background makes me ache seeing those hooves. Poor bugger. I hadn’t thought about how that aspect of winter must affect them. Hooves continuously grow, winter there must not be enough abrasive material to keep their hooves at a healthy length. One toe was very long and twisting. (02/04/2012 Hoof update – its a nutrition issue according to ADF&G – Click forĀ a 2010 article from the Peninsula Clarion)

He nibbled the May tree the stepped over the 4′ chain fence and wandered off.

(I took all of today’s pics from INSIDE the house.)






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