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It’s a beautiful warm Saturday morning in Anchorage.
Despite the glorious day we are not sheep herding. A big storm blew another hearty helping of the cold white stuff to Southcentral.

Enough that driving conditions are hazardous and we’d have to shovel the herding arena before we’d be able to herd. Wasilla got more snow than Anchorage did, and Anchorage got enough that it took me 20 minutes to clear my car last night.

So. Everyone stayed home. The sheep and dogs slept in.

Later today Scott and I will clear the greenhouse – the weight of the snow has it partially collapsed (not as dramatic as it sounds, it’s designed to collapse). And the sunroof for the chickens is bowing from the snow weight. We should have done that a couple weeks ago – the corrugated roofing material just isn’t strong enough for these depths. That would be kind of bad if it collapsed. Would make the chickens sad for they’d lose most of their snow free outside space, and us sad because we’d have to shovel the chicken run on a regular basis until spring, then repair it. Yeah, we are definately clearing that sucker. Today.

Scott’s off to his fun job, and I worked on the Cookbook bookcase this morning. I promised Scott I wouldn’t dump any of the cookbooks. There was a lot of non-cookbook stuff on the shelf that I was able to home elsewhere. I put the Cooks Illustrated magazine in order, lying flat with newest on top. There’s enough room left on their shelf that we can probably fit another 2, maybe even three years of issues before we have space problems. Now the cookbook bookcase contains cookbooks, Cooks Illustrated magazines, the waffle iron, Juice-o-Mat (just like Grandmas, love ebay) and a couple of electric knife sharpeners (that put our knife loving friends into conniptions at Christmas hee hee hee).

Before EKA reaches mobile stage we’ll have to find a different location for the waffle iron, juice-o-mat, and knife sharpeners. They’re at the perfect height for curious toddler fingers, and heavy enough to cause damage. Fine where they are for now.

While I was going through the bookcase I found the bin of wedding memorabilia from ten years ago. 11 years ago in June. Wow. I smiled when I found Gordon’s best man speech. Thought I’d share it…

Gordon’s words:

Thank you all for celebrating with me this joyous occasion – the marriage of Scott and Jenny. For those of us who’ve had a chance to see them together much, there is an element of fait-accomplis about this, mind you there was a time when I didn’t think Scott would ever marry.

Since I’m your basic type A personality, Scott and more recently Jenny have taught me a lot. Here’s a sample I’d like to share with you:

  1. Life is not rocket science.
  2. Most things aren’t worth stressing over.
  3. If you aren’t having any fun, it’s up to you to change that.
  4. If it didn’t belong on the floor of your car, it wouldn’t have ended up there.
  5. (and perhaps most importantly) When you find something that makes you truly happy, hang on to it, and share it.

Scott, Jenny, may you share many happy years together. I love you both.


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