We started house hunting when in late June 2020 we learned that the Municipality of Anchorage intended to purchase a building 800 feet from our home to provide daytime homeless services. The MOA has a history of ignoring the crime related activities that accompany our vagrant addicts and deliberately homeless, and name calling anyone who raises concerns over the associated lawless behavior.
We found a house that felt like home, that was a bit bigger inside and a lot bigger yard, in a neighborhood with a fifth the crime.
It’s a 1964 ranch with walk out basement. Not much was wrong with it. Needed a heater for the garage, flooring throughout needed to be replaced, and both bathrooms suffered long term leaking damage. All within our abilities.
Here are a few photos of the work we have been doing.

Kitchen, fresh paint, unfinished floors
Main bath, not bad for my first time laying tile
Oak floor getting sanded, fresh paint, green trim will be repainted
Oak floor, post varathane

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