The Attic

I spent about an hour crawling around in the attic this afternoon. We’ve got some problems. The insulation needs to be improved. The vents on the outside walls are partially covered by insulation. The bathroom vent ductwork has too many bends in it.

The most time consuming problem is going to be the oven vent duct work and the kitchen soffit.

Regrettably the oven vent duct has numerous bends. Complicated by it passing thru the ceiling, into the original attic space, thru the first roof, into the ‘new’ attic space and finally out the ‘new’ roof. The oven vent ductwork is within 4′ of the edge of the original roof so very little space to work in. More ro between the two roofs but still pretty tight quarters.

Also regrettable, the kitchen soffit isn’t finished. It is open to the attic space with neither insulation nor drywall in the expected places. And certainly no niceties like air sealing. It certainly explains the arctic wind tunnel.

Anyway. It’s going to be an enormous hassle to correct. We think the only way to fix it ‘right’ is going to be from below. That means emptying the kitchen cabinets and uninstalling them, then tearing out the soffit and re-dry walling/etc. I am not looking forward to this. Nope.

Maybe I could just stab a fork into my thigh instead.




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  1. Gwen says:

    Wow, at least you got ONE of the ducts insulated. That’s working in your favor!
    Funny, we have been doing a lot of additions to ranch houses in Massachusetts. They look just like yours from what I can tell. Here in MA, there is a state program that will provide free or rebated energy efficiency upgrades to your home. Looks like this: might be similar in Alaska. Fun, fun!

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