Pink violin

I started E on piano quite awhile back. Mostly to expose her to rhythm and the idea of music. Once a week we troop over to The Music Man and make some joyful racket. 

She is fascinated by the different instruments naturally. We also write letters to nana regularly (E dictates and I write down her stream of consciousness). E shared with her nana that she wanted a pink violin. We had been telling her she needs to get a handle on the piano before we start adding instruments. 

Well. Nana is a classically trained violinist. I grew up attending concerts and quartet sand practice with her. I adored it. I never dreamt she would be on board with an unconventional violin. 

This is what I received in today’s email from nana:

HI – well it arrived yesterday and is it ever PINK! We probably don’t want to know what it’s made of, but it came in a good looking case plus as many accessories she will ever want – extra strings, shoulder rest, awesome music stand… even a gadget to help her tune same, although I can’t figure it out.

After more than an hour, I finally managed to get the bridge in place, tune it up and try it out. ( I kept trying to put under my chin to tune, just like I do w/mine – ha ha. Figured that out – holding it where expected, chin rest comes to my inside elbow. what fun. ) Had trouble playing on one string only at first, & thought uh oh, bridge might need adjusting. but today managed it…. getting used to a fiddle that small. The sound is surprisingly good, but the sound post is going to need adjusting – I don’t know to do it, but can see it’s not in quite the right place. (not urgent) If this rain ever stops, will take same to our violin guru in SR & have him look it over & make necessary adjustments. 

P is looking for Little Tree’s Suzuki book, but it’s been a long time. we’ll figure something out.


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  1. P has found the book, cd, and another book Nana sent our way way back when.

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