His baby

Elizabeth may be his baby however all bets are off now that she’s older and has got his favorite – eggs. 


 Bing and Roscoe like to muzzle fight. I like hearing their soft whines and funny vocalizations they make while playing. Bing stays on the couch and wrinkles his nose. Roscoe hops down to sneeze and shake then back up for another round. They play well and (mostly) politely in short bursts. 

Bing is aging. He is 11 1/2, about Abby’s age when we brought him home. He is showing the same restraint and patience with Roscoe that Abby showed with Bing over a decade ago. It saddens me that my Bing is old. It happened faster than I expected. Yet we have a couple more years I hope. This morning my old fart gets to go to tracking class.  He needs a bit more muscle in his hind end to be comfortable and I think it’s time to be more regular with his Rimadyl. 

I still have a small hope that he will pass his certification track in a couple months so we can attempt to earn his Tracking Dog title in August. It would close the circle on a lot of emotions and wishes. Plus he would be the first TD Cardigan  in Alaska. How cool would that be?

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Holy springtime batman

Whoa. Would you believe our Bleeding Heart is coming up already?!?


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New Grand Champion

I’m proud of my favorite girl Miss Lucy today. 

When Kat Seube her owner, my friend and mentor, died of Lou Gehrigs two years ago this weekend, I felt the loss keenly. I don’t think titles were ever the motivator behind Kat’s love of dogs but she enjoyed competing and was justifiably proud of her dogs accomplishments. 

Kat had already earned about half of Lucy’s points towards her Grand Champion requirement. Lucy liked me, had spent a lot of time with me between walks and having a litter for me.  Some time after Kat has died, Floyd graciously permitted me to start showing Lucy. 

Lucy is a lovely sweet natured bitch. She is a delight in the ring, and it has been an honor to show her. 

I’m proud to say that today we earned the last of her points. Pending AKC approval (and something better than a selfie) I present

GCH Wales Tails Lucy in the Sky


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Tank update

The nano tank is maturing. My original two Emerald Dwarf Rasbora suffered a loss last week. The smaller fish entered the filter area thru slits, gorged itself, then got wedged and died when it tried to exit. Oh dear. 

I added a pair of Galaxy Rasbora a little while ago. Their markings are striking and they remind me of wild Alaska Grayling. 

Earlier this week I added a trio of Neon Green Rasbora and am regretting that addition. They are billed as peaceful fish and are of a size with the others. On my brief experience they are territorial bullies. I think they’d prefer a larger tank.  I’m going to try adding more hiding spots. In the meantime one in particular delights in charging the Galaxies, and has intimidated the remaining Emerald into hunkering on the bottom of the tank. Given the stillness of that fish I half expect it to die. I don’t have a way to isolate it. I hope adding greenery will be enough to reduce its stress so it can bounce back. 

Not good. 

The shrimp appear content. Another blue shed last night. They like to hang out in the tiny water lily leaves I’ve got floating on the top of the tank. 


Neon Green Rasbora


Emerald Dwarf Rasbora


Galaxy Rasbora




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Water Play

Ms Allie in Alabama


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Lucys litter is over six months old. Handsome babies. I am very happy with my owners and the love and work they are putting into these pups. 











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Our crocus began blooming last week. The greenery came up for all the bulbs several weeks ago. Today it is snowing.  


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Tank update

I am very much enjoying having a nano aquarium at work.

I recently added two cherry shrimp and three blueberry shrimp. One of the blue shrimp molted earlier this week. The following day one of the blues had died. I assume it was the same individual but they are difficult to tell apart. 

I also added a tiny log. It came with a passenger. A tiny snail. Conflicted about that. I hadn’t intended to include a snail in this setup but the snail is super tiny and I like watching it. 


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TV on the wall

Stayed home with our feverish kiddo yesterday. Took advantage of her nap to install a full motion wall mount and hang our TV. Feeling mighty. 

Sanus VuePoint model F215c full motion mount

Sony model KDL-40XBR6 tv


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Going down to California earlier in the month stirred up a lot of memories. I don’t want to talk about the dad stuff, or the family stuff. There were good memories though. 

My sister found an old packet of photos and negatives, and gave them to me. They were from 1990. I was 19, maybe 20. I was working for the Blood Bank of the Redwoods as a component technician. I had moved out of my parents house. I was dating a completely unsuitable man. 

Tasting the freedom of young adulthood, dropping out of college, and sowing whatever the chick version of wild oats (no drugs though) may be. 

I was also heavily involved in the local chapter of the SCA (that’s Society for Creative Anachronism to you mundanes). It was so much fun. A friend made me full metal legs from cold rolled steel and ‘found’ street sign. Aircraft aluminum pauldrons. Full steel arms. I don’t remember if Alex made my half gauntlets. I’m pretty sure he did. And my gorgeous helm, steel and brass, with 88 rivets that were a huge pain in Alex’s keister to peen over. I’ll post a pic of that some other time. 

Another friend liberated a second street sign, I bought a leather coat from good will. We cut the sign into a bunch of rectangles and riveted them in an overlapping pattern to the coat. Whacked the sleeves off. 

Added a weight belt to protect my kidneys, heavy boots, and called it good. I never got around to attaching straps to my plate coat and would wrap duct tape around it to keep it closed. Jeez Louise. 

Assemble all of this on my 4′ 11″ frame in my 120 lb glory and add a jaunty rattan ‘sword’. 

The point of all this nonsense was to get together with your similarly attired friends and pretend you were fighters in the Middle Ages. My favorite place was near Sacramento, where a man I knew as Alfrik had created the mother of all playgrounds. Alfrik land had boat and forest battles. Castle battles (complete with huge plywood gates). And my personal favorite, bridge battles. My size was less of a liability in tight quarters, and the pike men would use me as a crenellation. I do remember at least one battle where the pikes aimed over my head wound up blocking be from raising my shield and I got clocked but good.

My helm still has all the dents I earned. I was never dedicated enough to be any good, and it was one of the rare times in my life when I didn’t care that I sucked. I just loved the adrenaline rush and half mad joy of swinging my sword and pummeling. I’ll never forget the camaraderie. 

Poor quality but you can see my armor and the height differential. Pretty typical. You can also see my poorly thrown blow that’s all upper body and thoughtfully centered on the other fighters shield. 

 Here are a few of Alfrik land. 

I’m kneeling in the upper left, my red and blue shield relaxed. This was a boat battle. Use your imagination, those two by fours on the ground are boats.    
And castle battle. Moments before I received an object lesson in physics. My mass, regardless of determination, was NOT sufficient to keep the gates closed. When they hit it with a battering ram I went flying and my shield mates were similarly (though less dramatically) forced to give ground. 

And finally my very favorite kind of battle ever. Bridge battle. I’m somewhere hidden in the middle of this mess. See the pikes?


Friends I made through this odd group helped me get on my feet in Alaska. The people I met were odd, and nerds, and sometimes uncomfortably fanatical. And kind, generous, clever, and frequently had wicked ways with words and humor. 

I learned to be a human, and stumbled into adulthood. Good times.  

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