EKA – how tall will she be at 15?

I am a nerd. A short nerd. I top out at 4’11”, Scott, I think, is 6′ 3″.

I graphed Elizabeth’s annual height measurements, then added a trendline.
Girls typically reach their full height around age 15 according to the ever reliable inter-tubes.

I do not think my trendline is particularly accurate but it is entertaining to think of E not outgrowing me until around 14.
The Mayo clinic predicts 5’10” based off mine and Scott’s height, or 5’2″ using a different formula.
My trendline predicts 5’2″.

It will be interesting to see where she tops out.

I’m hoping for something closer to 5’5″ so she can reach the top cupboards for me -laughing-.

Added 03/2020 As of age 8 she is on track to outgrow me about age 12, and reach her full height of 5’8″ at 15.

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