After 15 years in the house, and 6 years after doing the flooring in the rest of the house, we are ripping out the last of our carpeting. 100 sf room, not a bedroom as it lost its window when the garage was built by the previous owner.

Mice took over the the underlayment we had stashed. Hope to find one usable roll.

In in the meantime, progress.

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Best boy Bing

I love this dog so terribly much.

He will be 14 in August.

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Books from Inter Library Loan 2010 – 2012 ish

These are books I borrowed (and read) via ‘Inter Library Loan’ with the help of Anchorage Public Library between 2010 and 2012. I was studying for my CCPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Training – Knowledge Assessed) exam and deeply into dog-training. I thought it would be fun to post my list. My time available for reading dropped off precipitously after E was born. Pre-E I was reading 5 – 8 books a week. Nerd.

Many of these books or videos wound up being purchased for my personal shelf.

ILL Books 2010-2012

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Lots going on at Midtown ranch.
Bulbs are blooming. Rhubarb is peeking out. Breakup is 90% complete though the dogs are still getting muddy. The backyard snow is half gone. The greenhouse is the normal disaster.
Just a few more weeks and Es first year of school will be complete.
Bing and Kate are aging gracefully. Allie is a clever naughty smarty pants.
Occasionally Scott and I get a date night to reconnect.

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Science Fair 2018

E _rocked_ it at the Science Fair today. Despite her voiced concerns over speaking to the judge about her project, my loquacious daughter excitedly and with great animation spoke at length about what and how she did what she did. We couldn’t hear – parents are instructed to get out of dodge and not interfere – but we could see. The kind judge knelt down to be eye to eye with E. I could see the judges mouth moving and imagine her prompting E with questions. E was gesticulating and paging through her lab book and demonstrating her eye dropper. She showed her markers and the filters.

We are SO damn proud.

She didn’t want to leave. We walked through the rest of the fair. We asked other children about their projects.

These future scientists are very clever monkeys with bright curious minds and articulate their ideas well.

At the end E insisted on hanging out at her project. We, and her grandparents, hung out on the side watching. E told anyone who slowed down about her project. Then she looked for folks holding still and drug them back to her project and regaled them too.

We finally tired of watching our girl ambush unwary strangers with science. We bribed her with lunch and headed out.

I love this child so very much. I am so proud. So very proud.


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Iditarod Ceremonial Start


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Ice Cream Social

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Ice Cream!

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Allie swims

At Alaska K9 Aquatics.

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2 Wheel Drive SUVs

At Cabelas: 

Each a bit different. 

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