Modest progress tonight. Completed unit 7 assignments for school. Cut and installed six 1×6 boards to block the open soffits on the coop. Provided Dusky with ample supplies for her nest building endeavors. Weed whacked the ridiculously long grass on the side yard then drug a 30’ section of old pool wall as a weed blocker. Scott shifted three of the tomatoes into this newly created space. I have a hunch the reflected heat from the house south facing wall will yield fruit. If it doesn’t scorch them.

Weed whacked the front strip on the road. Weed whacked the area of the yard we keep dog free for E. Lots of long grass left for another day.

Had a followup visit for my brain stuff leftover from the 2014 car crashes.

Enjoyed working with the rabbits and chicks with E. There is a calmness to doing simple husbandry chores that is sweet in my soul.

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Haystache. Dusky is readying her nest.

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Got a tiny bit done tonight.

End triangles of the coop are insulated. All rabbits are on automatic watering system. Chicks are moved into brooder in coop on a bucket waterer. Over deep shavings so no more 3x a day poop cleanup or changing their water.

Yay to fewer livestock chores!

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Rabbitry progress

Roof is complete. I’d have preferred a light colored opaque roof but <shrug> not an option. I’ll make a sun shade so I don’t bake the rabbits. They’ll appreciate the light come winter. Need to run watering lines to buck side. Need to set up waste management system. Hen house is empty and airing out. E is delighted to have a playhouse (temporarily). While I wanted to move the chicks into a brooder into the hen house tonight, I’m happy I did the deep cleaning instead.


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Deeeeep cleaning the henhouse. Pulling out the insulation and peeling away the feed bags that protected the insulation from the incessant pecking of hens. Pulling all the staples.

Why oh why did 37 year old me think that I needed a staple every inch or two?!?

It’s just as disgustingly mouse poopy bird dandery fine dust nasty as you can imagine.

I am finding the best use for my Covid mask ever.

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Before and After

I like this before / after (incomplete) image.
Precious Treasures moved. Power wash and paint. Gate pulled to be shifted closer to hen house and widen run a couple inches. Roof extension up – incomplete. Watering system installed (incomplete). Rabbits installed (incomplete).
Next steps – complete the extension. Arrange a manure / urine separation and collection system to manage odor. Chicken proof the tops of the rabbit cages. Chicken proof the run. Install the gate. Create covered accessible rodent proof cover for the feed. Create a weatherization plan to ensure optimum comfort for rabbits and winter chore efficiency. Cover existing hen door to run and cut a new door. Build then Install new nest boxes that permit egg gathering without entering coop. Hang tarp to limit rabbit visibility from the road (would you believe people have had their animals stolen?). Tidy detritus scattered across yard. Finish cleaning coop and install the chicks.
Whuf. I’m tired thinking about it. Listing it out keeps me motivated.
Clean house somewhere in there. Laundry is done-ish however the rugs need a wash and floor needs sweeping.

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In the rain

Raining. Got second stringer installed. Posts are whacky, rafters are wrong size, poly corrugated sheets have wrong profile and I can’t honky hack it. Profile is similar to 2007 roof, I will have to find the correct profile to complete this.

The rain necessitated getting the bucks into the rabbitry even in its imperfect incomplete state. The chicks are a week old and have attained vertical lift. Juggling the rabbits frees the 24×24 cage / outdoor brooder (after its scrubbed and disinfected). I’ll move the chicks to this in the hen house (with heat lamp) probably tomorrow.

I’m soaked. Should’ve put on my rain gear…

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Geeking and procrastinating

After I pulled out the two posts that supported the gate I went inside for coffee and to do some laundry.

I found some data and made a spreadsheet to project our cost per pound for rabbit meat, based off 6 meals a month with 3 does, 2 bucks, (better case 3:1 for 5 pound / worser case 4:1 for 4 pound fryer) at current feed prices. My costs ignore my labor – bump the price by $5 or $6 per pound if you figure labor costs (15 minutes / day, 20 minutes per rabbit to process, $15 an hour for my unskilled labor rate).

Costco is running a special on chicken thighs $1.89 / pound, organic whole chickens are $2.79 / pound, organic ground beef is $4 / pound except they don’t have any.

Looks like home grown rabbit meat is going to cost us between $2.50 and $3.50 per pound.

Bring on the Hassenpfeffer recipes.

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Order and wreckage

Busy evenings the last few days.

I made two hay racks and a nest box. Assembled two more cages. Slathered more paint on the bits for the roof extension and a couple other things. Made some improvements to the watering system. I picked up several brass quick connect couplers for the hose, ran a 10’ hose into the watering bucket so I can fill it without taking the bucket down / up (that’s 40 pounds I don’t want to mess with!).

I split Smudge from her mama Dusky so all five rabbits have their own space now.

The rhubarb is ready to harvest.
There are blooms on our two apple trees. The bleeding heart, planted around 2004, is a profusion of blooms. A few intrepid tulips are in bloom. The perennial greenery that is weed like in its enthusiasm is overcoming the bulbs. I may thin them this weekend to give the rest of the bulbs a chance. I’d like to split the bleeding heart but don’t know if such a thing is possible.

I expect to build the roof extension this weekend and move the two bucks into their permanent quarters.

The chicks are nearly a week old and as cute as can be. I need to prepare the hen house for their brooder and move them out this weekend.

E took a hard tumble from her bike and has a pretty sore shoulder and an abrasion on her shoulder blade. It’s unclear what happened but she’s a hurting kiddo. Ice pack and some pain reliever and a day of tv.

Hot dogs, Costco potato salad, and a green salad with perfectly ripe avocado for dinner. The house is kind of a wreck from my focus being on outside work.

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We’re back

Nine months ago I made a bad decision.

Hey, it’s only midnight, let’s update Two Geeks.

Yeah, that went poorly. Anyway, it’s fixed now.

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