Dog glee

The front yard is nearly snow free. About 15 gallons of poo removed, most of the twigs/winter detritus, and a quick raking of the dry areas. Swept the driveway, picked up the street gutters, trimmed branches broken by winter snows. Tidied up some junk from last fall, about 3/4 yard of trash to the dump. Chickens booted out to the grassy areas in the backyard.

Oh – I made another batch of panir. I forgot to salt it and didn’t press it for as long. So much looser. Flavor is good.

Elizabeth sat bemused in the grass while I raked. She didn’t crawl around which surprised me. Nor did she stuff handfuls of inappropriate stuff into her mouth. Huh.

Dog glee – they are gnawing venison bones from Scott’s deer of 2010.



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