Versatile Corgi

Traveller (Wales Tails Globetrotter) is my boy Bings littermate. He’s a knock out show dog and athletic accomplished agility dog. He belongs to my mentor Kat and Floyd. Very sadly Kat passed away a year and a half ago. Like any who pass away young, she had unfinished work. In homage to our friendship and as my grieving process, I have been working to finish out work with her dogs. I’m not as accomplished as my mentor so it is slow going. 

This weekend I am proud to say I finished Traveller’s Ralky Novice title. This also was his last requirement to receive his Versatile Corgi awards from the parent club. A very big deal indeed. He is Kats first Versatile Corgi and second from his litter here is a YouTube of our success. 

Qualifying Run Rally Novice

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