C’mon global warming!

Great day at the Craig Watson sheep herding seminar today.

The SNOW is out of season but it didn’t squelch anyone’s enthusiasm.

Bing’s back is much better and he has been cleared to resume herding – with the caveat that it be gentle and gradual and accompanied by continuing his core strengthening exercises. Four days of herding was going to be too much for my herding fool so Kate got to join in the fun.

Kate runs hot and cold on herding. When she is ‘on’ she is a delight. She usually remembers the difference between Away and Go bye, and doesn’t often split or go bowling. When she’s off she’s exasperating and it takes painful cajoling and happy talking to get her to work. And sometimes the poo is just delectable and overrides everything.

Today she was ‘on’ and we had such a great time working together. She did a lot of silly happy bouncing and got the sheep moving all over the place. Craig had some good suggestions for me to work on – hope I retain them with my crappy memory! There were 12 dogs and lots of weather. It’s great seeing how far everyone has progressed.

We saw some very nice herding today, despite the crazy snow.

Plus a random baby photo – just because.





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